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Like any industry, ours uses a variety of abbreviations and acronyms. If you want to find out what they mean then you are in the right place! Simply click on a letter to see its list of abbreviations and acronyms. If the abbreviation or acronym you are looking for isn't listed below feel free to contact us so that we may help you as well as add it to our list.

d Deci
da 1. Deca
2. Deka
DAM Digital Asset Management
DBMS Database Management System
DDL Document Description Language
DIN Deutsch Industrie-Norm
DNS Domain Name System
DP Draft Proposal
DPI Dots Per Inch
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
DTD Document Type Definition
DTP Desktop Publishing
DVD-R Writable Digital Video Disc (can be written to once)
DVD-ROM Digital Versatile Disc, Digital Video Disc Read Only Memory
DVD-RW ReWritable Digital Video Disc (can be written to more than once)
DVORAK Alternative keyboard layout
Internet Payments


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