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Like any industry, ours uses a variety of abbreviations and acronyms. If you want to find out what they mean then you are in the right place! Simply click on a letter to see its list of abbreviations and acronyms. If the abbreviation or acronym you are looking for isn't listed below feel free to contact us so that we may help you as well as add it to our list.

OA Office Automation
OBC Outside Back Cover
OBR 1. Optical Bar Reader
2. Optical Bar Recognition
OCR Optical Character Recognition
ODR Optical Dot Gain
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFC Outside Front Cover
OK Okay
OLE Object Linking and Embedding
OMR 1. Optical Mark Reader
2. Optical Mark Recognition
OPI Open Prepress Interface
Ortho orthochromatic
OS Operating System
Internet Payments


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