About the History of Keiger Graphic Communications

How it began and who we are...

Keiger's Original Shop on Brookstown Avenue

The original shop on Brookstown Avenue was 4500 sq. ft.

Pete Keiger began Keiger Printing Company as a small family printshop in 1943 in downtown Winston-Salem, and four generations have held fast to the principles of honesty, dependability, and hard work since then. We offer our customers everything from classic letterpress to direct digital output, with the desk-to-desk, integrated print management service that has distinguished us from our competitors.

How industry changes molded us into who we are today...

Keiger's Current Building on Kimwell Drive

Our current building on Kimwell Drive is 32,500 sq. ft.

The printing industry has experienced tremendous change in the past few decades. Keiger has embraced these changes and grown with them. Our acquisition of the iGen4 digital press has enabled us to provide the latest options in print technology to better serve our customers. We are much more than just a printer, however; through our experience and expertise we have become creative problem-solvers for a wide variety of marketing and business concerns.

Moving into the future without forgetting our past...

Keiger Employees

Keiger Employees

I am proud to be a member of the third generation of management in the Keiger family and look forward to the challenges that the future will bring. We realize that our success comes through the success of every interaction we have with our customers and providers, and this is what guides our decision-making daily. We have not forgotten the principles of our founder; we strive every day to live up to his example and to meet the needs of our customers in a forthright, trustworthy and ethical manner.

Louis J. Crockett, Jr.

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