Keiger Graphic Communications has many commercial and organizational affiliations. Some help us fulfill your orders, while others grow our company, so we can offer you new products. There are others that also help us grow our community both locally and in our industry. All these collaborations are designed to benefit you in the end. How, you might ask. Obviously, you want your order fulfilled. However, do you want just the same products forever? We doubt it, so we work hard to bring in new products and technology that you can benefit from. How does growing the community and our industry help you. Growing the community brings in business for everyone creating revenue that we can all take advantage of. As for our industry, if we don't support the manufacturers and software developers they go out of business and we either lose the ability to offer you products or we never get a chance to offer you what might have been a revolutionary product.

Below is a limited list of the affiliations that we can promote. There are many others, but they have policies on posting about affiliations and showing favoritism. Those that aren't listed, we still love you and if you want to be, contact us.

Xerox Corporation

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BNI (Business Network International)

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Internet Payments

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