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Deca, or deka, is an SI prefix in the SI system of units denoting 101 or 10 (e.g. 1 decameter = 10 meters, 1 decaliter = 10 liters).
It was adopted in France in 1795 and internationally by 1960. Deca comes from the Greek word δέκα meaning ten.
   - In calendars a decade is a period of ten years.
   - In electromechanical equipment a decade is a group of ten numbers on a switch or indicator, which may represent units, tens, hundreds, etc.
   - A Decapod is a ten-legged creature. One kind of decapod is the lobster (a kind of arthropod of the order decapoda), another is the cuttlefish (a kind of cephalopod).
   - A decagon is a polygon with 10 sides.
Abbreviation: da

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