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Like any industry, ours uses a variety of terms. If you want to find out what they mean, you are in the right place! Simply click on a letter to see its list of terms. If the term you are looking for isn't listed in our glossary feel free to contact us so that we may help you as well as add it to our list.

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Used to describe an image created by the use of a mathematical equation using x-y coordinates rather than a bitmap image (created using dots). An object-oriented image can be printed at any size without a loss of resolution. In contrast, a bitmap image will loose resolution when printed at larger sizes.
See Also: Line Art, Raster, Vectors


Literally, "at an angle" or "slanted". A Roman font that has been electronically altered to produce an italic effect.


A term used to describe printed books, catalogs etc., that are bound on their shorter side; also referred to as album bound.


A naturally occurring yellowish pigment composed of iron and clay.


The size of a book whose pages are made by folding a sheet of paper three times to form eight leaves.
Abbreviation: 8vo


A special screen printing technique that positions the printing stencil at a minimal distance above the substrate during the ink application process. As the ink is applied by the squeegee, the stencil is depressed into momentary contact with the substrate.


1. The most commonly used printing method, whereby the printed material does not receive the ink directly from the printing plate but from an intermediary cylinder called a blanket which receives the ink from the plate and transfers it to the paper. 2. An erroneous variation of the word "setoff". Ink that is unintentionally transferred from the printed substrate to the back of the sheet above it as the pieces are stacked in a pile. See also: setoff.

Offset Gravure

  1. A complex offset process involving multiple transfers between the gravure plate, the plate cylinder and a solid rubber plate.
  2. An indirect printing technique that re-deposits ink from a gravure cylinder to a rubber coated cylinder which then applies the ink to the final substrate.

See Also: Offset Gravure, Rotogravure, Offset Printing

Offset Lithography

  1. An indirect printing technique that re-deposits ink from a specially treated printing plate cylinder to a rubber coated cylinder which then applies the ink to the final substrate. The printing plate's image area accepts only ink and the non-image area only accepts water.
  2. Indirect printing method in which the inked image on the press-plate is first printed onto a rubber blanket, then in turn offsets the inked impression on to the sheet of paper.

Offset Paper

A term for uncoated book paper.

Offset Printing

An indirect printing technique that re-deposits ink from a printing plate cylinder to a rubber coated cylinder which then applies the ink to the final substrate.

Off-shore Paper

Any papers made outside the US and Canada.

On-demand Printing

See demand printing.


A light bond paper used for typing and used with carbon paper because of its thinness.


Quality of papers that defines its opaqueness or ability to prevent two-sided printing from showing through.


A quality of paper that allows relatively little light to pass through.

Opaque Ink

Ink that completely covers any ink under itself.

Optical Mark Recognition

Optical Mark Recognition is a form of automated data input. Marks are made on specially printed paper forms using either pencil or a special marker. The forms are then read directly by an OMR scanner or from images that have been previously scanned. The data is then sent to a computer for processing by an OMR software that outputs the results as a data file. The data file can be used as is or imported into another system if needed. Common uses of OMR include: Attendance Registers in Schools, Survey Forms for Market Research, Time Sheets in Factories, Lottery Forms, School Tests, etc.

  • Abbreviation: OMR


Printing in the direction of a sheet's long or short edge. Printing parallel to the sheet's long edge is called landscape. Printing in the direction of the sheet's short edge is called portrait.


A single line of text at the bottom or top of a page or column. The text is either the first line or the last line of a paragraph, respectively. See also: bad break; widow.


Any light sensitive surfaces that are not sensitive to red.

Out Of Register

When two sheet passes on a press are misaligned.

Over Run

Surplus of copies printed.

Overhang Cover

A cover of a book that extends over the trimmed signatures it contains.


A transparent sheet placed over artwork, in register with the work it covers; this is used to call out other color components of the work, instructions or corrections.

Overlay Proof

A process of proof making whereby the color separations are individually exposed to light sensitive film. This film is then set in registration with a piece of white paper in the background.


Any printing that is done on an area that has already been printed.


Producing more paper or output than ordered. Many organizations have a standard on what is considered an acceptable amount of underrun or overrun. See underrun.


Type that is set in excess of the allotted space.


Applying too much color on top of another in the process printing method. See also: hairline register; trapping.

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