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Like any industry, ours uses a variety of terms. If you want to find out what they mean, you are in the right place! Simply click on a letter to see its list of terms. If the term you are looking for isn't listed in our glossary feel free to contact us so that we may help you as well as add it to our list.

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Ultraviolet Inks

Ink that cures when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. Other Term: UV ink.


A light brown paper produced from unbleached pulp.


Papers that are not smoothed by going through the calendaring process.


A paper without a mineral coating.


The cyan, magenta, or yellow used in dark tones. A process printing term.


A photosensitive material that has received too little light resulting in a dark print lacking detail.


Producing less paper or output than ordered. Many organizations have a standard on what is considered an acceptable amount of underrun or overrun. See overrun.


The color of an ink or film due to light reflecting through it from the substrate. (e.g., The substrate may make the ink color appear lighter or darker, or offshade.).


The unwanted appearance of white space between two adjacent colors. An inadequate or insufficient amount of applied trapping. See trapping.

Unit Set

  1. The height of a typeface measured in units rather than points.
  2. A multi-layer form containing a carbon paper leaf or an NCR layer.

Unjustified Text

See flush left; justification; quad left; ragged right.


A term used to describe how many similar sheets can be produced on a larger sheet; two up, four up, etc.


Capital letters of the alphabet, or those characters created by pressing the computer keyboard "shift" key in combination with another key. See also: lowercase.


A term given to books bound on the longer dimension.


A software application used for maintenance or other routine chores (e.g., the LAUNCH! Web Helper).

UV Inks

See ultraviolet ink.

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