Keiger Direct Holds "Snackinar" Demonstrating the Power of Personalized Marketing and Digital Printing

June 17, 2005

Keiger Direct, the direct marketing division of Keiger Printing Company, Inc. of Winston-Salem, NC, recently hosted a seminar to demonstrate the power of a personalized cross-media marketing campaign using digital printing. The event was promoted as a one-to-one Snackinar, and according to Keiger the campaign had a 39 percent response rate, much higher than traditional direct marketing campaigns.

Invitees were initially contacted through a personalized poster that prompted them to go to a personalized web site to register and order three snacks of their choice. Their registration was confirmed by both email and a postcard that showed their snacks in the delivery chute of a vending machine, just as they had ordered them. They then picked up their snacks at Keiger on the day of the Snackinar.

While attendees munched on the snacks of their choice, Keiger’s experts revealed a behind the scenes look at the campaign and how creative ideas, database manipulation and digital printing join forces to produce powerful marketing campaigns directed at individuals rather than the masses.

The Snackinar campaign was driven by XMPie® Cross-media Publishing Software and the personalized printing was done on a Xerox iGen3® Digital Production Press. Database management, variable imaging and production processes that used to create headaches now work together seamlessly with the marriage of these two breakthrough technologies. Keiger is the first company in the triad of North Carolina to make these installations. “We chose to install the Xerox iGen3® because its speed, range of paper sizes and compatible paper stocks is unmatched,” said Louis Crockett, president of Keiger. “Because we already had a Xerox DocuColor 2060 Digital Color Press that was driven by a Creo Spire® rip, we chose to drive the iGen3 press with the same rip. We think that the Spire® is the ultimate in rip engines and was the logical choice to drive the ultimate digital production press. This press outperforms offset in many cases. We have run some blended products that had both offset and digital printing combined, and no one could tell the difference.”

Louis Crockett said that he expects demand for Xerox iGen3 output in the business, educational and manufacturing sectors will contribute to Keiger’s revenue growth. Specific applications that Keiger plans to provide with the iGen3 press include:

  • Customized marketing materials for business clients: Creating documents customized by individual, market segment, sales channel or distributor, for customers within a variety of industries.
  • Personalized communications for universities: Implementing one-to-one recruiting programs including recruitment kits, letters and direct mail customized to prospective students. These materials are personalized using databases and university questionnaires.
  • Full-color and short-run multicolor documentation and sales materials for manufacturing companies: Transferring work from offset presses to meet the demand for faster and shorter runs.

Keiger Printing Company is a full-service commercial printing company, providing comprehensive solutions for the planning, creation, production and fulfillment of marketing strategies for a diverse client base. Keiger Direct’s one-to-one marketing services are aimed at customer acquisition and retention programs.

For more information about the Xerox iGen3®, visit or call 800-ASK-XEROX.

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