Keiger Printing Company Introduces New Line of Tree-Free Paper

September 9, 1999

Keiger Printing Company, Inc. of Winston-Salem, NC has been selected by Crane & Co., Inc. of Dalton, Mass., as one of only 20 printing firms nationwide to introduce Continuum, a new line of tree-free papers.

Continuum Papers are made with a wide variety of tree-free fibers, including kenaf, industrial hemp, cotton rags, denim cuttings and post-consumer U.S. currency. “The creation of Continuum Papers is designed to bring to the market new choices for sustainable, tree-free papers,” said David W. Crane, vice president of Crane & Co. “We are very pleased that Keiger Printing Company is assisting us in their introduction.”

Keiger Printing Company was selected for the introduction of Continuum Papers because it is recognized as an innovator in providing products and services to the current dynamic marketplace and is located in an area whose population is concerned about environmental issues.

“We are looking forward to bringing these new tree-free paper options to our current customers as well as prospective new customers,” said Louis Crockett, president of Keiger Printing Company. “We are always eager to bring new ideas and new products to our market.”

Continuum Papers offer more than just a wider variety of choices for environmentally conscious paper specifiers. They represent a major commitment to create more diverse sources of fiber for papermaking. “We can now look more to our farms, rather than our forests, for raw materials,” said Crane.

Paper, as we know it today, has been around for more than 2,000 years, but it has been made from trees for less than 140. While “tree-free” paper might strike modern Americans as trendy, it’s the norm in many countries around the world, just as it was for our founding fathers who used paper made from textiles and annual crops such as cotton, flax and hemp.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in tree-free papers, as concerns grow for the future of our forests, as farmers search for new alternative crops, and industries seek ways to utilize waste fibers. Today, tree-free papers are made with virtually the same materials as they were centuries ago. What was true then remains true today: They are sustainable, they are readily renewable and they make great paper.

Crane & Co., Inc. has made tree-free papers since 1801. Best known for its 100 percent cotton business and social correspondence papers, Crane also has made paper for United States currency since 1879.

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