A Truly Creative, Creative Director

Forsyth Woman - January 2008
By Carolyn S. Peterson

January 15, 2008

The walls of Keiger Printing Company in Winston-Salem are filled with awards and plaques of a family business known for excellence in printing since 1943. A recent addition to the company is Deborah Wentworth, Creative Director, who began a project in April 2007, which brought Keiger Printing Company international recognition with The Best of Show award in Xerox's PIXI Awards, the pinnacle of digital printing.

Originally founded by Pete Keiger in a little brick building on Brookstown Avenue, the printing company has been located at 3735 Kimwell Drive since 1994, under the leadership of Keiger's grandsons, Louis Crockett, Jr. and Scott Crockett.

Wentworth joined the Keiger Printing Company family in 2007, after moving to Winston-Salem from Chicago in 2003. "After moving around a lot as a child, I settled in Ann Arbor, MI, where I attended the University of Michigan, playing volleyball and graduating with degrees in Fine Arts and Psychology. It was a wonderful place to raise a family," recalled Wentworth. Her next move was to Chicago, IL.

After moving to Chicago, and working in her chosen field of design, Wentworth, a widow and mother of Nate and Julie, reconnected with Joe Tilford, a high school sweetheart she had not seen in thirty years. "Through different channels, I eventually located Joe and we began emailing, calling and finally met. He was a divorced father of two and was a set designer and theatre faculty member at Northwestern University. When he accepted the position of Dean of Design and Production at The NCSA, we moved here to Winston-Salem together," said Wentworth.

In the past 4 and a half years, Wentworth has fallen in love with Winston-Salem and the many opportunities for artists. She has done freelance designing and writing copy for such groups as NCSA and the Winston-Salem Symphony, since her relocation to the area.

As Wentworth recalled, "I was freelancing, but I really wanted to work full time. I met with Louis [Crockett] and was hired as Creative Director, which was followed by a request from Louis to design a piece, eventually taking the form of a book, that would market our abilities on the Xerox iGen3 Digital Press, one of only two in the state at the time."

With her new job and her first assignment, Wentworth began researching paper manufacturers and the capabilities of the iGen Press. Wentworth found linen papers, textured papers, magnetic papers and even a polyester paper. She then began experimenting with printing on the various papers. "Several of the photographs reproduced in the final book were ones that I had taken, since photography is part of my personal and professional life," stated Wentworth.

Once the book of papers and digital printing was complete, it was entered into competition at The Xerox PIXI Awards, recognizing excellence in digital printing. 2007 was the first year the competition was international. "Our project won Best of Show and we attended the award ceremony in Chicago in September 2007," commented Wentworth.

The book can now be used as a selling piece for Xerox, to showcase the capabilities of the digital printer, as well as a selling tool for paper manufacturers, which has generated interest in both areas.

Having talent to design and to create is a gift, and Deborah Wentworth, no doubt, has many more award winning projects in the years to come at Keiger Printing Company.

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