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Keiger Printing RSS FeedRSS Feed now available for Keiger Printing

August 25, 2008

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are becoming increasingly popular. They are great tools for companies and end-users alike AND are free and easy to use! Companies can easily broadcast up-to-date information (blogs, podcasts and news headlines, etc.) to the people that are most interested in their product or services. Readers can quickly scan a list of topics with brief summaries and decide if they want to read the article or not. The feeds work with an opt-in/opt-out system, so if the user is no longer interested in receiving a feed they can easily unsubscribe without the hassle usually associated with most newsletter subscriptions. Most companies offer topic specific feeds, which is great for the end-user because they can narrow down the information updates they receive to their specific interests.

Keiger Printing Company has created a RSS feed for updates to our website as well as any major Keiger news.

Additional information concerning RSS feeds can be found at

For more information contact:
Nicholas Crockett
Network Administrator / Webmaster
(336) 760-0099
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