Don't Panic - It's Just a Creeping Opportunity!

By Scott Crockett, Vice President, Keiger Printing Company, Inc.

September 24, 2008

If you haven't heard by now there are more changes coming from the Post Office. Once again the intent is cost reduction. The form is called "Move Update Requirements". The following is a brief on the subject. We will provide links if you want the technical in-depth postal version.

This time around we are talking about Standard Class. Yes, non-profit mail falls within Standard Class. First Class requirements changed back in May with little fanfare or gnashing of teeth. Standard requirements change in November. The big difference is that non-profits must now meet the move update requirements we spoke about in the article Gramm-Leach-Bliley vs. United States Postal Service.

If you doubt whether or not this applies to you, don't. It does. These rules now apply to all classes of mail. If you have ever had enough mail for it to be presorted, it probably was. The cost savings to you can be significant.

Before you throw yourself or your envelopes off a bridge this does NOT affect those of you who are putting stamps, meter tapes or other forms of full-rate postage on your mail. This only pertains to those people and institutions that are receiving or wish to receive discounted rates for postage.

We have already spoken with several folks who have thrown away envelopes at the suggestions of their mail house, only to find out from us it was unnecessary. If in doubt, call us. The requirement basically instructs you to clean your list through a mail service prior to mailing if you intend to take the non-profit mailing discounts. This means running your list through the national change of address system (NCOA). You may also utilize an ancillary service endorsement. That is the line beside or under your intended recipient's name that says or current resident. The simple idea is that the post office can save over a billion dollars by doing this.

There are a couple of forms you have to fill out, two or three at most, and we would be happy to help you with this. These forms are permission to update your list and tell the Post Office who to speak with in the event that everyone on your list moves at the same time. Refer to to Standard Mail Eligibility Standards.

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United States Postal Service, "Standard Mail Eligibility Standards" -

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