The Economy Can't be Too Bad...

By Scott Crockett, Vice President, Keiger Printing Company, Inc.

December 30, 2008

The economy can't be too bad, companies and organizations are still paying 42 cents instead of complying with the USPS move update requirements and claiming the reduced mailing rates. If you're a non-profit that could be a 32 cent difference per piece.

In recent months we harkened to the fact that changes were coming. Guess what? They're here. Non-Profits and hopeful for-profit organizations alike are now dealing with the cringing reality that they may be paying full price for mailing in order to get expeditious service on their mailings.

We have placed 2 forms that are helpful on our website under the Resources tab under Downloads. The form PS6014 and the PAF are kept in your file for postal compliance. The PS6014 form allows a mailer, with your permission, to identify your preferred method of complying with the move update regulations. We strongly suggest NCOA, if not, call us. The PAF is the form that allows the mailer to use NCOA to update your addresses and save you money. NOTE: Save you MONEY.

If you are advertising and the piece can go to anyone we will automatically suggest that you use an endorsement line that tells the postal worker to leave the mail piece at the house regardless of who lives there. If you are a bank, insurance company, medical facility or any other organization that requires some semblance of information security NCOA is the ONLY option for you short of paying full rate for postage.

We again implore our most valued customers to consider these processes carefully and call us for a private consultation if you think your security will be jeopardized by use of this process. We will promise you that you are at a greater risk in not actively managing your data.

The bad guys out there now understand that it is commonplace for banks and financial institutions to have passive data management procedures. That means that bad guys can defraud institutions and their customers for a year or more before the institution ever knows there is a problem.

We reiterate a point made several months ago that U.S. banks in 2007 gave up over $40,000,000,000 (40 Billion) through the escheat process. Can you say auto industry bailout? The main reason is loosing touch with customers.

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