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Return of the Browser Wars

By Nicholas Crockett, Network Administrator, Keiger Printing Company, Inc.

January 14, 2009

Many of you may remember the browser wars that ensued in the mid to late 90's between Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Well the war has returned and this time there are more browsers fighting for that number one spot. As of right now Microsoft's Internet Explorer still holds the majority of the market and its previous competitor, Netscape Navigator, is no longer being developed. In walk the new big dogs, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

After lying stagnant for more than half a decade Microsoft released version 7 of Internet Explorer proving that they still had what it takes to compete in the browser wars. Internet Explorer 7's user interface and web standards compatibility was a huge jump in its evolution from version 6.

Mozilla Firefox has taken the world by storm in the last few years. This is mainly because of its superior security over other browsers, its continued compatibility with the web standards set forth by the W3C, its versatility across many different operating systems, and the large selection of add-ons for both developers and casual users. Safari has begun to grow mainly due to Apple's Mac increasing in popularity.

To give you an idea on where these browsers stack up in the marketplace here are some statistics on how many users hitting our website are using these browsers.

  • 58% Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • 24% Mozilla Firefox
  • 15% Safari
  • 3% Other

If you would like to know more about the browser wars, what other browsers are available, and the pros and cons of the different browsers check out this article: Return of the Browser Wars.

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Network Administrator / Webmaster
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