Keiger Printing Company Announces New Operating Division - Keiger Direct

March 24, 2009

Keiger Printing Company, Inc. of Winston-Salem, NC announces the formation of Keiger Direct, a division that develops cross-media marketing programs. With its LYNX product, Keiger Direct provides an effective and comprehensive method of reaching and retaining potential customers in a targeted audience by collecting and tracking data.

Direct on Demand is Keiger Direct's web-to-print program using branded websites. Clients can log into their store and print the static, versioned, or personalized items they need directly from their computer. In addition, inventories of client documents can be maintained and fulfilled as needed.

Digital Asset Management is a service provided to store and catalog a client's digital assets, giving the client the ability to search, view and download them.

Keiger Direct also offers a Call and Data Center that collects and manages data for the client, and takes over the responsibility of follow-up phone contact in a marketing campaign.

Another product Keiger Direct offers is Embedded Video, giving clients the ability to insert video into a website, or in emails.

Valarie Floyd is the Director of Keiger Direct and Leslie Berry is Projects Manager.

Keiger Direct is currently designing their website. To sign up for a notice when the website is complete, please visit

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Valarie Floyd
Director of Cross-media Marketing
Call Keiger at (336) 760-0099
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