Keiger Direct Announces LYNX

March 24, 2009

Keiger Direct of Winston-Salem, NC announces LYNX, a suite of services to make the critical connections in powerful personalized marketing programs.

With LYNX, Keiger Direct blends the strengths of state-of-the-art digital printing with the immediacy of the internet to offer a suite of marketing tools that can be customized to fit a client's needs. The three elements of LYNX are LYNX•Print, LYNX•Web, and LYNX•Blast. These elements work together for maximum results in a LYNX•Unlimited campaign.

LYNX•Unlimited campaigns are cross-media and data-driven. At each point of contact, they are personalized for the recipient and the message delivered is relevant. Studies have shown that a relevant message attracts a greater response.

The ability of these campaigns to track data - to request, collect and analyze it - and then use it to refine the message and identify a receptive audience, makes all the difference in a successful marketing campaign. Tracked data is viewed in graphic or tabular form in real time through a web interface. It is available for download on demand.

LYNX campaigns may also incorporate embedded video and make use of call and data center services.

Valarie Floyd is the Director of Keiger Direct and Leslie Berry is Projects Manager.

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Valarie Floyd
Director of Cross-media Marketing
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