Keiger Direct Proudly Launches Website!

May 20, 2009

Keiger Direct, the variable data and direct mail division of Keiger Printing Company, has launched its official website, Keiger Direct has been an operating division of Keiger Printing Company since 2005, providing a wide variety of supplemental services. An announcement about Keiger Direct and its new product line, LYNX, was made by the company president, Louis Crockett, at the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce Tech Briefing held on March 24, 2009 at Salem College.

Keiger Direct's home page is very user friendly, giving a brief summary of of the available products and resources within the site. If more in-depth explanations and demonstrations are desired, the visitor can browse the inside contents. The Keiger Direct website allows you to effortlessly:

Valarie Floyd is the Director of Keiger Direct and Leslie Berry is the Projects Manager.

For more information about the Keiger Direct Website call Nicholas Crockett or Leslie Berry at (336) 760-0099.

For more information contact:
Valarie Floyd
Director of Cross-media Marketing
Call Keiger at (336) 760-0099
Contact Valarie Floyd
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