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November 18, 2009

Original Keiger Website, 1999 - 2007

Keiger Printing Company has been a presence on the Internet for ten years now. We began our website in 1999, and it has gone through many changes since then to keep up with our growing company and the rapid advance of technology.

The original Keiger website, which was designed and implemented in-house, included resources for our customers but did not have a knowledge base to support searches for a particular item. Customers could send jobs to us through the site, but a third party uploaded the files for us. We offered a news section, but it only included articles about Keiger Printing Company and no industry updates or related information.

Current Keiger Website, 2007 - present

Five years ago, Nicholas Crockett became Keiger's Network Administrator and Webmaster. During his tenure he has managed wholesale changes to the website to accommodate the company's needs and the demands of new technology. Much of his work has been "behind the scenes," updating our code to handle the multiple types of web browsers customers use today and our need for a much larger, graphics-heavy presence on the Internet. With higher bandwidth speeds customers can download what they need faster now, and the coding updates allow for a much more robust website than formerly possible. Leslie Berry, Project Manager and Web Designer for Keiger Direct and Keiger Printing, has redesigned the look of our entire site, adding many interesting graphic elements and improving the functionality of each section.

Some of the new features on our website include:

  • a secure e-commerce job submission section that is hosted internally
  • a knowledge base, the search engine for the site
  • a section for frequently asked questions - FAQs
  • many added resources for customers to use, which explain and inform on topics relevant to printing, and links to useful sites such as the U.S. Post Office, Adobe and Microsoft
  • a social media connection - our Facebook and LinkedIn pages - and an RSS feed for news
  • a news section that includes articles by us, about us, about the industry and awards we have received
  • an "about us" section offering testimonials, our affiliations and our mission and privacy statements
  • a "contact us" section giving customers the ability to email directly from the page with questions or concerns.

To keep up with advancing technology, our website will continue to evolve and progress. We recently added a video section highlighting interesting industry news and information, sometimes utilizing YouTube. We want to include more video and audio features and are continually working to offer the best information available to our customers about printing industry news and relevant technological advances.

Keiger Printing Company's new variable information division, Keiger Direct, has launched its own website, This site includes descriptions of our product lines - LYNX, Direct on Demand and First Impression. Keiger Direct has posted a portfolio of its work on this site for customers to browse, such as direct mail campaigns that use personalized URLs to collect information and compile data, as well as video demos of our products. The Keiger Direct website just recently received a certificate for Exceptional Website from the Printing Industry of America's web2awards contest!

We have come a long way in the past ten years! Our first website was put together by two people who were learning as they worked, and we have built on that base over time. We now have five people who work intensively on the Keiger Printing and Keiger Direct websites. Technology will continue to advance and our aspirations for the look and functionality of our websites will as well. Our goal is to serve our customers in the best possible manner, and with this in mind we will constantly be searching for ways to improve.

Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or requests.

For more information contact:
Nick Crockett
CIO / Systems Administrator / DBA / Webmaster
Call Keiger at (336) 760-0099
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