Keiger adopts G7™

August 27, 2012

Keiger has been running to GRACoL color management standards for several years. We recently adopted the new G7 calibration methodology. Keiger made a commitment to G7 because we strive to be on the leading edge of the graphic communications industry. By implementing G7, we utilize new technologies to meet the latest color industry standards. G7 evolves printing from an art to a science.

So why did this technology come about?

IDEAlliance's G7 is a revolutionary new methodology for calibrating proof-to-press and press-to-press across any printing method. Developed by our industry's leading color experts, the G7 methodology includes revolutionary techniques for dramatically improving print quality and consistency.

Print buyers wanted assurance that the final color quality of the printed output was true to their creative vision and delivered at the lowest possible cost. In other words, the colors appearing in a proof match the final output colors, and color consistency is achieved from prepress through the press room.

What does it mean to you?

G7 methods have been adopted worldwide. Files and proofs created anywhere in the world using the G7 methods can be matched in any pressroom eliminating subjectivity and uncertainty in the evaluation of color. G7 allows us to meet expectations, improve processes and drive out excess costs.

For your business, this means improved color fidelity, press sheets that match the proof, and faster time-to-market.

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