Mission Statement

Keiger Graphic Communications specializes in the development and operation of integrated design-to-distribution print management programs to help North American-based service organizations attain their respective objectives.

  1. Keiger now views itself as more than a printing company.
  2. We will define ourselves in terms of our customers. We must fully understand the business needs, as well as the printing needs, of customers.
  3. We are committed to establishing and cultivating special relationships with selected customers. Producing fine printed matter is only part of that challenge.
  4. Our products and services and bundling of products and services will be tailored to the needs of individual customers. We will customize our operations to meet their needs, not require that customers conform to our policies, procedures, and resources.
  5. Our success will be dependent upon our customers' success.
  6. Everyone at Keiger is on the selling team. Everyone is in a direct position to win or lose accounts.
  7. Rather than strive to provide all things to all people, we aspire to provide all things to selected customers.
  8. Our responsibility extends well beyond delivery of satisfactory printed product, on time, at a competitive price. We want to become an important element of our customers' business success.
  9. Expect to become increasingly challenged, to engage in unusual and perhaps difficult projects that we've never done before.
  10. Our idea of "quality" no longer counts. Our customers define "quality," and we need to make every effort to establish, understand, and meet our customers' expectations.
  11. Customers are welcome in our company. They have access to our capabilities and to our knowledge.
  12. We strive to lessen the importance of price in buying decisions by providing customers with products, services, and information bundled in a manner that is not available from our competitors.
  13. Change at Keiger will be the rule rather than the exception. The business world is dynamic, and we must respond to changes in our customers' needs, challenges, and objectives.
  14. Our successful execution of our mission will assure the ongoing success of our company and provide growth opportunities for all of us.
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