April 28, 2009

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Call to Action: Request for CPSIA Testing Data

The Printing Industries of America is requesting any CPSC testing data you might have that you have not previously shared with us that will help in our effort to get the printing industry and the products it produces exempt from the new lead and phthalate testing and certification requirements.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is close to issuing a determination that would permanently exclude "ordinary" children's books and other printed materials from the Act's lead testing and certification requirements. These requirements are now temporarily delayed from taking effect until February 10, 2010. Printing Industries of America has been working closely with the Association of American Publishers to supply raw material and finished product testing data on "ordinary" children's books. This data will support the CPSC's permanent exclusion for "ordinary" children's books but may fall short for "other printed material" unless additional testing data is provided to the CPSC.

What Testing Data Is Needed?

To issue a permanent exclusion for "other printed material" the CPSC needs testing data that demonstrates that the lead and phthalates in these products are below the Act's limits.

What is Meant by "Other Printed Material"?

The Printing Industries' needs data on everything that isn't an "ordinary" book, including, but not limited to: paper doll books, sticker books, flashcards, posters, inserts, greeting cards, decals, playing cards, cardboard cutouts, etc.

Please send any testing data you are willing to share in support of this exclusion to Gary Jones, Printing Industries' Director, EHS Affairs, at gjones@printing.org.

Please refer to the Printing Industries of America's CPSIA webpage at http://www.printing.org/cpsia for copies of previously emailed updates. If you have any questions regarding the CPSIA, please visit the Printing Industries of America's CPSIA website or contact Gary Jones at 412-259-1794 or gjones@printing.org; Rick Hartwig at 412-259-1792 or rhartwig@printing.org; or Christopher Dugan at 412-259-1779 or cdugan@printing.org.

If you have a question about any of the issues above or other government affairs-related concerns please feel free to contact Andrew Wimer, Manager of Communications and Grassroots Advocacy, at awimer@printing.org or (202) 730-7974.

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