June 12, 2009

imPrint: Making Prints Mark On Capitol Hill

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Printing Industries of America representatives met with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, allied industry groups, and member companies this week to discuss the ongoing proceedings to address the applicability of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act to "ordinary children's books" and "other printed material." The group met with CPSC's General Counsel and the Commission's technical team to press forward in its attempt to seek a determination that these products do not pose a threat to children and should be relieved from testing, certification, and other requirements mandated by the Act. The Commission continues to seek focused data from the industry on binding, inks, and other book manufacturing processes as it works to reach a determination with the best possible data available. While no formal date for a determination has been issued, the Commission indicated its willingness to continue working to seek a reasonable administrative solution to the problem surrounding children's books and other printed material.

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