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How Paper Is Made Infograph

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Have you ever wondered how paper is made? Going from the tree, to paper used to print on, to recycling, and how the industry sustains forests. Here's an infograph that shows the process that paper goes through from beginning to end including some interesting facts along its route through life. Click the image to the left to view a larger image or click here to download a PDF of it. Thanks to Two Sides North America for providing such cool information and busting myths about paper.

Still want to know more?

Paper has a rich history going back about 2,000 years where the Chinese used cloth sheets. Learn more about the history of paper from Paper Recycles here.

The use of paper to mass-produce printed materials started with the "Gutenberg Revolution" and the first mass-production of the Bible. Read our article on the Gutenberg Printing Press to learn more.

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