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Keiger Graphic Communications is a family-owned business seeking a "right-fit" individual to join the sales team in New Business Development. Please feel free to explore our website and learn more about what we do before jumping at the chance to apply for the role. What follows is a description of the type of person we would be very comfortable bringing on board and spending a career with us. Is this you?...

You are a fearless prospector seeking opportunities every day. You have high-level people skills, quickly developing trust and rapport with your business contacts. You know how to qualify hard and close soft; you don't waste time with those that will never buy from you. You know when to move on.

It is easy for you to discuss money. The campaigns we design and execute are custom and typically high-end. Margin preservation is extremely important. We don't sell on price; we emphasize value as do you.

You are an effective communicator, both in writing and speech. We are in the communications business and have a strong penchant for those who know how to write effectively. You can string a sentence together with proper punctuation and have an eye for accuracy and conciseness.

You have worked in commission-based sales in the past and thrive on the freedom and income over which you have control.

You are unafraid to call in at the highest level and speak with the real decision maker. You call on the people within organizations who are responsible for the strategic direction of their companies or organizations. You have regularly sold high-dollar projects and are comfortable doing the same today.

You have not necessarily worked in the graphics world in the past but have called on the same audience - Owner, Chief Marketing Officer, EVP, VP or Director of Marketing & Communications - selling and representing other products or services to these specific titles.

You have a strong desire to win and be successful. You are self-motivated. You take action. You are not necessarily money-motivated; you are goal-motivated and have set very specific goals for your sales success.

As for results, you have a track record of proven sales outcomes, which you can share with us. You should have background in territory development, building a new region area from scratch; and be ready to share your process for building and establishing a new vertical or geography.

You are a fast learner with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and self-improvement. You use problem-solving skills when appropriate. You are never satisfied with the status quo, always looking for new things to learn and expand your comfort zone.

You are disciplined, a productive worker, taking personal and professional responsibility for all your actions and behaviors. You have a detail orientation without an obsessive need for more information. You take action, needing little if any encouragement or direction. You know the goal and objective and have the ability to attain it.

Sound good? Click the Apply Now button below. Fill out the information form in its entirety, and in the space provided tell us why you are the "right fit" for the role. Attach your resume. Hit submit, and we will communicate with you shortly thereafter.

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