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"Congratulations on receiving the top award for "Best of Show" honors at the 2007 Printing Innovation with Xerox Imaging Awards on September 9th in Chicago. I understand Xerox held one worldwide contest to recognize innovation and excellence in digital printing applications. Keiger was instrumental with use of the Xerox iGen3 Digital Production Press representing various capabilities to run paper stocks, finishes and colors through your "Digital Imaging Sample Book" submission.

Keiger has earned international accreditation through the PIXI competition against approximately 500 entries receiving superior recognition. Thank you for putting Winston-Salem on the map of global digital imaging competition, and being such a vibrant and integral part of our community since 1943.

Please express my sincere congratulations to the entire Keiger Printing Company team, particularly to Deborah Wentworth, Creative Director who designed the book winning honors."

Allen Joines, Mayor
City of Winston-Salem, Office of the Mayor
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