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Below are testimonials from customers about work we've done that they thought was worth thanking us for. We greatly appreciate that these customers feel our work is considered worthy of such praise. In truth, we feel honored to have had the chance to work on their projects.

If there is a project that you wish to thank us for, send us a review letting us know. We’ll need the review, the contact to list on the review, that contacts position, company name, and a link to the company’s website. As you can see, we include links. This can help your site gain exposure and improve its SEO. A great way to help each other out!

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"I have been a pretty steady customer at Keiger Printing Company now for right at 2 years. I may not bring in the biggest jobs or the highest volume, but I always feel as though I am important to Keiger. That is due to the level of service I receive from all aspects. I have been asked why I am so loyal to Keiger by some of my peers. I feel that begins with the way I am handled as a client. David Batts is such a wonderful representative. He not only represents Keiger in a most positive and professional manner, but I feel that he represents ME and my best interests as well. David is most concerned about doing a good job from both Keiger's point of view and mine. I feel like he really and truly has my best interest at hand while maintaining his positon as a Keiger Printing Company employee.

The same goes for all those that I encounter on a regular basis in my dealings with Keiger. Starting with the always friendly and professional greeting I get when I call and ask Heather Everhart to speak with whomever I need, to Rob Roberts handling matters for me behind the scenes or fielding my questions when David in unavailable, or Kim Riggins at the ready if there is ever a time that I need urgent help when my "regular" guys are covered up. Even the talented production staff, who have either gotten on the phone with me directly to help me through an issue or who have just taken care of things with expertise and precision. Not to mention the quality work from the pressmen and other folks that I don't even know.

I write all of this as a response to a recent project I ran, but also as a long over due thank you to everyone at Keiger. In what I thought was in the best interest of one of my clients, I went with another local printing group for a recent project. They were a bit less expensive and due to the nature of that project and the client at hand, I felt it was best to go with them despite my loyalty to KPC. Long story short, it was not the wisest decision.

In short, I want to thank everyone at Keiger Printing Company for being a valued partner of Firefly Design. I truly appreciate all that you do for me, all of the support I receive from each person my projects come in contact with (and please feel free to share this with all of those whom I don't have an email address for), and for the excellence in quality that goes into your work. Because this isn't just about being a great group of people (although you are) its about me being proud to pass on a quality product to my clients. A product I am proud to stamp my name on right next to yours. Sincere thanks to you all."

Chara Muray
Firefly Design
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