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Below are testimonials from customers about work we've done that they thought was worth thanking us for. We greatly appreciate that these customers feel our work is considered worthy of such praise. In truth, we feel honored to have had the chance to work on their projects.

If there is a project that you wish to thank us for, send us a review letting us know. We’ll need the review, the contact to list on the review, that contacts position, company name, and a link to the company’s website. As you can see, we include links. This can help your site gain exposure and improve its SEO. A great way to help each other out!

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"Keiger is always up to the challenge: no matter what the project or the turn-around time, they never say no. Anybody can have the's all about the customer service that makes it work and Keiger goes above and beyond. On the Salem Shines 2009 campaign, I was especially pleased by Keiger's attitude when dealing with the variable initials on the tote bag for the Spring Visit mailer."

Carrie Leigh Dickey, Artist & Graphic Designer
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